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After 20+ years of operation, Northwest Paintball Park has hosted the last Kitsap County’s annual “Ki-Splat Fest” big game and raffle and the last Alien Invasion. Our property lease will not be renewed, we must vacate.

Kim and I have really enjoyed providing this fun extreme family sport for our community. We have hosted over 200,000 players who we now call family and friends. You make new friends every time you play here, sometimes 100+ at a time in a day. With an amazing all volunteer staff of referees, losing our paintball park is like losing a home.

A Cancer scare in the family put a new perspective on our life and our lifestyle. When I retired from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard last year with 35 years of service, it became clear to us. We want to make the most of what time we have left together which might mean retire from paintball. The news of our lease termination helped make this decision solid.

It was just a Cow pasture when we started October 22nd, 1999. After a few months, we started getting 50+ players a day, then 100 or more. “Kit-Splat Fest” event once had 324 players. With Mini-Golf and the Golf Driving Range nearby, it became a very popular family amusement center. When the Disc Golf course got established, it all just got bigger and better.

We will not re-stock with more paintballs. When the current supply is gone, we will close for the last time. All the gear will be for sale as a full kit, everything you need to start your own paintball park.

Kitsap County really needs this type of venue with a large family amusement center that encourages healthy outdoor activities. The plan for the future of the property is uncertain and out of our hands. Our lease will expire April 1st. But the paint supply is expected to be gone before that.

So many special memories. So many great friends. GI Sportz kept our paintball supply up and quality high thanks to B.W. Dunn out of Oregon. It’s far too big of task to list everyone. Just too many people. But it is certainly fair to mention the years of very dedicated support from Paul Chaisson, Colby Overholt, Donnie Owsley, Richard Langley and Mike O’Hare who all helped run the ‘business’ aspect of the park and set the standard for highly entertaining referee staff. The American Legion Riders Post #149 Veterans Motorcycle Group for feeding us at the events. BBQ 300+ meals for a bunch of crazy paintball players, sometimes in a rain storm. “Thank You all”.

The best way to support us at this point is to continue to come enjoy our place and help finish off the paint. Just stop by so we can shake your hand and say; “Thank You”. The last case of paint sold will come with a Tippman Chronos gun. Pictures are mandatory.

Sorry, no party or farewell event. We have “A LOT” of clearing work to do after the last game is played and the last case has sold. We could use some help with that big job.

Consider this; The Ross family guided me through the whole process to establish the park which was a very annoying, extensive and expensive process. Then they afforded us the incredible generosity and patience to allow us to play this silly extreme sport in their backyard for 20+ years. “Wow!” Simply amazing. Nadean Ross still lives right nearby and continues to tolerate us at 87 years old. “Thank you so very much Ross family!”

Thank you everyone for this amazing journey. It’s time for us to start a new one.

Jim and Kim Estes
“Northwest Paintball Park”

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