Common questions we get asked at the park or on the phone.

Q. I’ve never played before. Can we play separate from the experienced players so we don’t get ‘smeared’, ‘splashed’ and ‘obliterated’…?

A. NO! First timers get absolutely destroyed at NWPP by the Sasquatch Militia, Team Alien Splat Warriors, the Zombie Outbreak Response Force….etc. Just kidding…..of course. Our specialty and the main reason we are so very popular is because of our great reputation for being first time player friendly. Mix it up with the regular players and you will enjoy yourself more than playing separate games because the experienced players are ‘very helpful’ and make your games better with live action on the spot coaching or ‘protection’ when you need it. It’s far better to mix it up for your first time. Ask the refs if you can play ‘separate from the regulars’ (rental guns only) and if they can, they will arrange a few games on the side, if they can. It’s better to mix it up.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. It’s absolutely horrible, dramatic and traumatic to take a hit. But, not really, just kidding. Do not be afraid of the hit. We do two simple things to control the impact. Only our custom field protected paint purchased at the park is allowed to be used and it shoots great, breaks easily. The referees are ‘your entertainers’. Just follow them. They also check the ‘markers’  across a radar chronograph to ensure we see (3) shots below 300 feet per second which is the max speed that paintball goggles reliably can take a hit. Above 300 fps and you can’t trust your goggles and the hit becomes annoying. Most often you don’t even feel the hit due to your clothing and the adrenaline.

Q. What is the minimum age to play?
A. The minimum age is 10 years old. In fact we have had many 10/11 year old birthday parties at our park and they always have a fun time. Anyone under the age of 18 must have their parent/legal guardian sign their waiver. You can find the waiver here.

Q. I have a large group coming, do we need reservations?
A. We do not require reservations for large groups but we do recommend showing up early as we cannot reserve gear and have been known to run out of rental equipment. Just come alone or with a group and follow our entertaining referees. On the occasion that a large group shows up (say….24+), if we can hire extra refs for your group you might be able to play ‘separate’ from the regular crowd. Personally, I don’t recommend that a group plays separate from the regular crowd because the games are better on the two larger fields with more players, especially in the 12 acres of woods.

Q. Do you accept check/credit cards/debit cards?
A. We accept cash or Visa/MasterCard. Sorry, no checks. If we run your card as a credit there is a  2.1% interchange fee added, which is  $.95 on a $45 rental pack. No addition fees for debit. Use debit or cash if you can. Most cards that are associated with a checking account can be ran as debit and you will need your PIN.

Q. What should I wear? Does the paint stain?
A. No, the paint does not stain. It burns, rots flesh, causes blindness and changes your gender. Actually, our custom field protected paint is water based, easily wiped off between games and does not stain. We recommend loose fitting clothing that you don’t mind getting grass or dirt stains on. Be comfortable. A long sleeve T-shirt and Levi’s are fine. Knee pads are a plus for sure. The ground is all natural so wear boots or hiking shoes. Sandals or flip-flops won’t be allowed on the field for your safety.

Q. Can you fill my air tank/CO2 bottle? What if my tank is out of hydro? How can I tell if my tank is out of hydro?
A. Department of Transportation regulations apply to compressed gas cylinders and we follow those regulations by checking the hydrostatic ‘test date’ on the bottle. As long as the tank is in hydro and in good condition we can and will fill your tanks. For the larger CO2 tanks for Kegerators, home soda machines, race car inter-coolers, air-guns, please make sure you have the special adapter (if needed) to fill it as we may not have it. However, most are one of the two common threads that we can adapt to with no problem. Prices vary with the size/capacity of the tank. Most paintball tanks are ‘free re-fills’ all day with your paid admission. Fills to go are $4 for HP/less than 16 ounce C02,  or $5 per pound/1000 psi for the bigger tanks.
If your tank is out of hydro you will need to have it tested/inspected at Sound Dive Center in Bremerton. It costs around $40 but it’s worth it to get 3 to 5 more years out of your $200 HP air bottle. If your 20 ounce or smaller CO2 bottle is out of hydro it is usually cheaper to buy a new one then to have it rehydro’d. We will recycle the old CO2 bottles for you if you wish or make a bell out of it.
The hydro date is based on when the bottle was manufactured/tested and the DOT exemption number. The manufacture date is stamped on the side of the tank. Due to the variety of ways it is stamped and also the DOT exemption number it is too hard to explain over the phone how to tell. You can either go to this page or just come by the park with your tank and we will explain and show it to you.

Q. Why can’t I bring my own paint?
A. For the same reason that you can’t bring your own tacos to Taco Bell. For the same reason you can’t bring your own beer to a tavern. “We need to sell tacos and beer to stay alive”. Actually, paint sales are the only thing that keeps the park alive. Part business and part safety. We need some kind of control over what we are getting shot with so we don’t get hit with old or cheap department store paint that has sat on the shelf for months before it was sold. Field Paint Only is our only available and reasonable method to ensure the park stays alive and we are shot only with good paint. Bad paint, low grade hard shell paint and wax/oil based staining paint ruins the fun, makes people angry and can cause environmental issues.

Q. Can I bring a group out during the week?
A. We do private groups during the week with reservation and a deposit. Visit Private Games page for all the information.

Q. Do you sell paintball guns, goggles, or other gear?
A. Yes we do maintain a small shop in the main booth. We proudly sell Tippmann markers and other items. We do not maintain a large selection because it’s too hard to compete with online retailers. There is usually a couple markers, goggles, pod packs, gloves, and other small items in stock to help you get started in the game or upgrade your current gear. Never go cheap on goggles. Expect to pay over $50 for good goggles.
If you purchase a paintball marker from us we do warranty work on it for Tippmann products. We will show you how to clean and maintain it. Most every gun problem we encounter is due to neglect or lack of simple maintenance. Learn your marker so you can do your own cleaning and maintenance which needs to be done ‘every time’ you use it.

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