Hours, Prices and Environment

Open every weekend from 10 AM to 5 PM. We do close earlier in the winter due to it getting darker sooner. Please call to verify hours.

No reservation required. Come alone or bring a group.
Give yourself at least (3) hours for your visit to fully enjoy your experience on (3) fields; The Challenge Field, Fort Sasquatch and Big Woods. Northwest Paintball Park is a family oriented paintball park with an amusement park atmosphere. We are ‘very’ accommodating for first time players.
One of the most common questions that we get is; “I’ve never played before. Will I have to play against experienced players?” The answer is…“Yes!” The best way to learn this game is to have experienced ‘team mates’ right alongside you giving you live action coaching and protection when needed. We have had games with nothing but first timers and the games lacked full entertainment value to play and watch. We actually had to add some experienced players to that crowd to ‘wake it up’ and show you how to fully enjoy this great sport. Throughout the day, the referees will offer some games ‘for rental guns only’ on a separate field. These games ‘really’ help first time players.
Teams/Tournament type action is politely discouraged because ‘that’ level of aggressive and competitive action easily overwhelms players who are just trying to have fun or try the sport for the first time. We ‘do’ get some amazingly talented players who can be segregated from new players if needed. Join them if you want to. It’s up to you. We spend lots of time with first timers so you can ease into it with some coaching from the referees. In no time at all you will be out of beginner mode and going after the flag.

10 Years Old is minimum age to play. Under 18 years old needs signed waiver by legal parent or guardian. Visit the Waiver page for the current waiver.

The ladies can ask for “PINK” paintballs. “Only” the ladies get pink. When a player comes off the field with a pink hit they are obligated for the sake of entertainment to ring the big pink bell or push the button on the siren.

ADMISSION: $20. For those with their guns & goggles, stay and play all day. Includes free HP Air or C02 refills all day. Groups/Birthdays of (10) or more players get $5 off per player. Does not include rental equipment or paintballs.

RENTAL PACKS: $45 per person. Includes everything you need; Admission, Semi-Automatic Tippmann M-98 Gun, Full Face Mask Goggles, Free Air Refills, 500 Premium Paintballs, pod pack and pods(to carry extra paint on the field). If you run out of paint you can just buy more and keep playing all day but, your 500 is the minimum to fully enjoy your experience.
*Groups/Birthdays of (10) or more players get $5 off per player on weekends.

PAINTBALLS: For your safety and comfort you must purchase all your paint at the park. Paint goes bad and becomes unsafe and uncomfortable to shoot at people. We need some form of control of that problem. Additionally, paint sales are the ONLY thing that keeps a park alive. We must sell paint to survive. Bag of 500=$18, Box of 2000=$65 (save $7)
*If you have paint leftover at the end of the day, just store it in a sealed bag or container and keep it in your house. Protect it from heat, cold and moisture. Stash it in your closet or under your bed. Normally a garage does not have enough insulation to protect the paintballs. It should be good for a few weeks before it begins to lose its crispiness and begins to get rubbery and unsafe. Let us see your leftovers before you use them again just in case they ‘did’ go bad for some reason. You don’t want to upset a player by hitting them with old paint.

Barrel Bags
Due to safety concerns and insurance reasons barrel plugs are not allowed. Barrel bags are required on all markers. We do have barrel bags for sale at the park. We do not loan or rent out barrel bags.

See us on facebook for news about weekday events, specials or closures due to weather.

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