Throughout the year we do several ‘theme game’ events. The format will vary but they are always a simple and easy to play format. First timers can ease right into it. Our pricing remains the same for event games as they do throughout the rest of the year. You can even use your Sasquatch Militia pass if you have one.
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Alien Invasion – July 22, 2017
Aliens take over NWPP. A hand selected crew, about 25, from the park staff forms the Alien Splat Warriors. Everyone else who shows up forms the Earth Response Force (ERF). It is up to the ERF to stop the Aliens. The first half, ERF has to invade the woods against the defending Aliens. The second half, the Invasion, the Aliens have to invade and take over Fort Sasquatch from the defending humans. There is over 10 cases of paint flying through the air within the first 5 minutes as the Aliens try to break out of the woods into Fort Sasquatch. Very spectator friendly action.

Halloween Game – October 14, 2017

The theme this year is Superheros vs Supervillians. As always costumes are highly encouraged. Normal games from 10am-11am. The big games will start around noon. Food by Off the Chain BBQ.

This is also our Anniversary Event with 2013 “Aliens vs Zombies” celebrating 13 years of good dirty fun. The format for this game will vary from year to year. Costumes are not only welcomed but highly encouraged. Those who show up in a costume will receive various perks such as special duties or skills for the game or a stack of raffles tickets.

Christmas Game – December 10, 2017
Elves vs Grinches – The Grinches are up to the old tricks of causing trouble for Santa and his elves. Come out and help Santa and the Elves bring order back to the North Pole.

Past Big Events
Pumps vs Semi’s – used to be our main Fall event, could make a comeback at any time; Think Alien Invasion but it was pumps vs everyone else.
Elves vs Grinches – played for our Christmas game
Rescue Sasquatch – either played for Kitsplatfest or as a prelude to Alien Invasion
Pirates vs Zombies – Halloween Game
Aliens vs Zombies – Halloween Game

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