Cold Weather

Cold weather is upon us, well cold weather for this area. We should be getting our winter formula paint in soon. The cold weather makes standard paint very brittle and even in the best of guns will break and ruin your day. Winter formula paint is designed to handle like standard paint but at colder temperatures.

This doesn’t mean you can just leave your paint sitting outside and expect no issues. You will still need to keep your paint warm when you are not playing. There are several good ways to do this.

  1. Only buy paint as you use it. This allows the paint to stay in the booth where it is kept warm. Even using this you will still need to keep it warm while on your table.
  2. You can keep it in your vehicle. DO NOT run your car the entire time as you will probably run out of gas. But it will be out of the cold and wind.
  3. The best option we have found is to get a small cooler, the cheap foam ones work well too, tape the hand warmers inside of it and keep your paint in that. Not only will the cooler keep the heat in but it will keep the cold air out.
  4. Some people also like to wrap their hoppers in an old hat or something similar to try to keep the cold out. Not sure how well that works but can’t hurt to try.

As always if you have questions please let us know. Let use know if you have any other tips or suggestions. We are always open to new ideas and knowledge. We do sell the handwarmers at the booth.

Ref Seminar 2013

We will be holding our last ref seminar for this year on Saturday November 2nd from 9am-10am. All current refs are highly encouraged to come and anyone who is interested in reffing is also encouraged to come out. We will start promptly at 9am but please come out even if you are a late.

We will go over what is expected our refs, how to/tips on reffing, cleaning the rental markers, and other things. Everyone should be able to learn something during the seminar, even if its small.

Zombies vs Aliens

On October 19 the Zombies will rise to take on the Alien threat. Everyone will be a Zombie, come in costume and get free raffle tickets. Spread the word, tell everyone you know, post flyers(we have them at the park). Post in all the Internet forums you are in, even non-paintball ones. All Aliens will need to check in with Mike O’Hare(Irish).

Closed for rain?

It’s rare that the park becomes sensitive to the weather. We don’t care about rain. Paintball is something fun to do in the rain. However, September 29th we did not open the park because of the massive soaking the day before and the impending ‘heavier’ rain and high winds expected. Sorry for the inconvenience to the two birthday parties and anyone else affected by our closure. We hated to do it, but, it was the right thing to do for a severe weather front like this one and to prevent foot/vehicle traffic from turning everything into a muddy mess.

Park Closed/Private Party

Closed Sunday Sept 29th!….Yep. Believe it. It’s rare, but, a no brainer decision. This storm is expected to intensify and the park is already rain soaked. Foot/vehicle traffic will just turn it all into a muddy mess. Sorry. “Thanks” for understanding. See you next weekend. We are good for refferees for Oct 11th, and it looks like this group is open for walk-ons to join them. Be ready for them to change thier mind because it’s a catered event.