Welcome to Northwest Paintball Park

We pride ourselves in being a family friendly first timerĀ paintball park. Our field and all of our games are designed to make sure everyone can have fun especially ‘noobs’ with rental gear. We have free spectator areas so you can come out and see what it is all about. While you are here please come to the booth if you have any questions.
The owners have ‘many’ years experience in the business and the select staff of referees ‘volunteer’ their time to ensure you have a great experience at NWPP.

We have 3 fields: 1 small “Challenge” field, 1 larger “Fort Sasquatch” field, and approximately 12 acres of woods. Here is a view from Google Maps.

We like to use all the fields as much as possible but we love the woods. We will do as many woods games as we can get in. This is also where most of our big games take place.

Questions, want more info or anything else please call us at (360)377-0398 or email us at northwestpaintballpark@hotmail.com.


  1. Alien Invasion – July 22, 2017
    Aliens take over NWPP. A hand selected crew, about 25, from the park staff forms the Alien Splat Warriors. Everyone else who shows up forms the Earth Response Force (ERF). It is up to the ERF to stop the Aliens.

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